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Welcome to the revolution in school supplies! Gone are the days of unrecognized bags of broken pencils. Today, the Foldacase is revolutionizing the school supply industry one student at a time. 

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All the supplies you need

 Functioning like the popular Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman, the Foldacase Classic would contain 6 school utensils: a mechanical pencil, a pen, a ruler, a highlighter, a black marker, and a push eraser.  

Robust and powerful

Support rods compose the core of the Foldacase, allowing for extreme durability while also keeping the product lightweight. The entire setup would be protected by two thick plastic plates on the top and bottom that ensure no damage comes to the utensils. 

Always evolving

Just as Swiss Army has made hundreds of multi tools with various features, Foldacase will offer products with different tools in the future. Additions such as a calculator, USB, battery powered USB port charger, protractor, graphite storage, mirror, and a foldable desk lamp are all promising additions to future Foldacase models